Happy April

Good Day Ladies:

Well — let’s see where I left off.   I think I told you about Rod the Italian Stallion who was really into big time SEXTING.  Well  — HE’S BACK.  Or at least he is trying to be back with me.   He keeps sending me little flirts and messages like— I’d really like to get to know you better!  Or—you really caught my eye!     REALLY????   I have not responded to him on these messages.  Then on Easter Sunday — I get a text, I look at the number and have to think about who I know from that area code, look it up on the net and low and behold — it is his area code.   I figure — well, I will open the message and see what he has to say this time.   WOW!  I should have just deleted it!  Let me just say that this was a picture of a woman’s upper torso completely unadorned except with bunny ears on her   hmmmmmm huge boobs and a message underneath saying HAPPY EASTER!    Now, I may be wrong, but I really don’t think any woman who is interested in men, would find that amusing or even interesting to look at.   Would you??   I personally thought — What the hell!!!!????   Once again, I deleted his message with no response.  Hopefully that is all I will hear from him.

Now, I am talking with several very decent men.  I know — look out.  Usually when I think they are normal something happens.   But so far so good .  I met one for supper last night, Kevin.  Very very nice man, good sense of humor, good background, has a legitimate job and seems very caring.  Actually, he didn’t even want to chat with me on line when he saw the distance between us.  But I, well, sort of pushed it.  I basically said, “Well, we can chat on this site and see what happens.”  And as we did, we realized that we got along very well.  He actually texts me every day — normal stuff, you know — Hope your day goes good.  Have a great time out.   Hope you have sweet dreams and talk to you tomorrow.   NORMAL!

I will post more later on.  Good Luck Ladies.


More Hello Spring

Something that I neglected to tell you about in my last posting……The guy who I told you likes to “sunbath in the nude”!!?!?!?!?!?  Well, there was one more thing that really turned me off of continuing a conversation with him.  He informed me that he had taken pictures……..

OK, was my response.  Then I added “Look, if you are intending to send me a DICK PICK, which seems to be all the rage now, don’t bother, I am not into that.”   OH NO, he responds.  He took a picture of his ASS.   Now ladies, let that just sit in you mind for a bit and let’s see if you can come up with the most ingenious way that he could do that!?!?   I mean really?   How can you actually take a picture of that part of your anatomy and on top of it…… WHY?   And again I ask a question to all of you —- who would be interested in seeing it when you haven’t even met the man in person and you have only texted him for 1/2 hour.   I don’t know, sometimes I think my momma raised me with too much morality, but then again, maybe not!

I also wanted to inform all of you to WATCH OUT for some of the sneaky and sometimes very obvious names (handles) that men use on line  You don’t use your real name, obviously.  Although I have seen some real mental giants do that…..and believe me they are not exactly Einsteins either.   I am not saying that these men are stupid, but they are a bubble off of being level.      A LOT of them love to incorporate their favorite sex act in their names.  i.e.   will69uifuwant,   lovestoeatpuss,  or gee my favorite so far is  godownonuallnite.    Hey, let’s all put our heads together and figure out what these guys are on this site for !!!!?????  Any guesses????  Come on, I know you can figure these out.    I really don’t think any of them are looking for a serious relationship, do you?

So, right now, I am actually talking and texting with a very nice,normal man.  YIKES, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.   About 75% of the “normal ones” turn out to be perverts or liers.   Sadly so.  BUT, I am still confident that there are normal men out there my age who actually want to have a relationship with a woman my age and hopefully become friends and lovers.   I will keep you informed.  But until the next time I am still

waiting for a miracle.

STILL waiting for a miracle!?!?!?

So it has been a while that I have written and boy do I have a lot to say.

First off — why is it that when you find someone who seems very normal, extremely intelligent, funny and genuinely interested in you that the little red flags aren’t going up in your head?  Well, it is because you feel that maybe — just maybe —- this one might be it!!!  WRONG!!!   Honestly, I have to tell you that what just happened to me is pretty unbelievable. (at least for me it is).

So, I met this guy on line. Good looking, divorced (at least that is what he stated), well educated and very interested in meeting me. Let’s say his name is Dan.   Well, I set up a time and place for Dan to meet me.  Everything goes very very well.  He seems genuine and of course , I have checked him out and he is who he says he is and does what he says he does for a living.   During our meeting he shows me an article in a magazine about —well let’s just say it is something very special to him that he had designed and built along with his wife a couple years ago.  There is his picture and name listed and it was quite impressive.   Let me back up for a second and say that on his profile it stated that he was divorced — but that wasn’t true.  He was in the midst of getting a divorce!   Small item that could be a big one ladies!!!  So we spend a good part of the day together. He is in no way pushy and I feel very comfortable around him.  We part ways and he tells me that he will be calling me and he does as soon as he arrives home.   Then he proceeds to call me and text me, not overly, just enough over the next 4 days.  It was very nice.  We had good conversation.  I mean some of them were deep meaningful conversations.  It was refreshing from the last guy I had “Mr. Italian Stallion” who could do nothing more than talk about sex and sex acts.!!!

So he tells me from the start that he wants to see me the next weekend.  OK, so I start figuring out what we can do and lo and behold Thursday night comes and he calls me really late and is different!   He said it was because he was fatigued and very upset that he couldn’t see me this weekend because he had to move.  He’d been living in a cabin(?) of a friend and needed to move into town.  Sounded plausible to me!   We even texted on Friday and Saturday and talked on Sunday while he was moving.   Everything seemed fine.  OH yes, and I had been told that I WAS HIS NEWEST ADDICTION!  Because he looked forward to talking with me so much, I made him happy and he appreciated all the time I took to talk with him and discuss matters.

So Monday came and went — no contact.  But hey, that’s ok right??  He’s got his life I’ve got mine.   Tuesday morning I wake up and turn on my phone to find this text from him.

I have to tell you that I have met someone else that I have just totally connected with.  Never had this before.  Sorry, I hope this doesn’t hurt you too badly.        WHAT THE F%$^!!!!  Is pretty much what I said and felt.

Hold the boat!   So everything was honkey dorey up until Sunday and within 24 hours he FINDS THE ONE!!!   Well halleluiah and praise God.

Boy, that was fast work on his part.  But the worst was yet to come.

First ladies,  we all deserve to be told in person or at least over the phone NOT BY TEXT OR E-MAIL!    So I texted the bastard back and told him OK, well this is not exactly what I expected to wake up to but YES I was upset by I guessed I would have to say GOOD LUCK to him.

He had the balls (then) to text me back and say  “You are a beautiful woman !”   My answer was “Right”.    He text again.  “No you really are and I am going to miss our morning greetings!”   THAT’S IT!!!

I told him — Well, you now have another woman who you have connected with — get her to text you and there you have your problem solved!
Can you believe the nerve of someone like that.    What hurts the most in this type of situation is you let yourself believe!!  Believe that he might be the one, believe that he really understood you and that you mattered.  Guess not!!!

Then just today I met up with someone, let’s call him Dick, at a site and he exchanged numbers to text  tonight. Again, looked like a nice guy.  Seemed ok at first. but then –mother of God — what a control freak that wouldn’t trust his own mother.    The attitude was he was right and I was wrong. And we got off to a bad start. So, I gave it another shot but it didn’t make it any better.   I told him that I would call him at 8. He was agreeable to that.   So in the meantime, I went back online to check out his profile again and see if I had missed something!!!???  He texts me and says “You are one smooth operator!”   I am like WHAT??  I see you are online checking out other guys and you going to be talking to me in 15 minutes!    REALLY?!?!?!?!?   Too weird.  So I told him thanks but no thanks, you obviously have trust issues.   He said fine and I figured that was that.   But NOOOOOOOOO a half hour later he texts me again.  Why do you think I don’t trust you?    ARRRGGGHHHHH.   Leave me alone!!!

Ladies be warned —-there are way too many crazies out there.  Choose your partner wisely.  If you think he is alittle crazy —- then he probably is!  LOL

waiting for a miracle??

Sorry I haven’t been on this site for a couple weeks.  I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!  And that is a good thing.  Well, let’s see where should I start.

OK, so there was a guy named Rod from Western PA.  So Rod and I had a conversation going about 3 months ago and then he just dropped off the face of the internet!    I figured — ok, so he found somebody else. Fine.

So about 2 or 3 weeks ago he pops back up and starts e-mailing me.  I asked — Gee what happened to you?    no response!   LADIES—-first warning sign.   no response basically means they don’t want to answer whatever it is you are asking.

Ok, so Rod seemed nice enough — alittle overboard with the affectionate words and attitude.  But he kept saying — Hey that is just me!!  All right, I figured, what the heck.  Its nice to see a very affectionate text on your phone when you wake up.  This went on for a about 2 weeks but there were signs that Rod might have been a little more deprived than I thought in the beginning!!   All the conversations would turn around to sexual undertones!   Now, I feel I can banter with the best of them, but these texts got a little out of hand.  So, I would REIN him in and try to have a normal conversation.  Well that never lasted too long, only good thing was we didn’t talk late into the evening because we both have very early schedules.  So just about every evening it would start out normal and soon turn to — well basically PORN talk.   I started to not respond thinking Hey, maybe he will get the hint .  But NOOOOOOOOO.   Maybe he was just not as smart as I thought he was.Obviously his brain was not in his head but somewhere in his pants!!   That is what he was thinking with!!! so the next morning there was a nice little affectionate text wishing me a good day.  Then that night we were having what I thought was an informative conversation — you know, getting to know each other?? And all of a sudden out of the blue he texts   ‘ I WANT YOU AND SEX BOTH RIGHT NOW!’   I actually texts back   — Gee Rod, why don’t you tell me what you really think!!!! I added you know all I am trying to do is have a normal conversation.  It is really nice to have someone tell you how much they love the way you look, and you are sexy and they really want to meet you.  BUT  that doesn’t mean that I am going to HOP into bed with him the first time we meet.   Jesus, I honestly don’t think that one woman will be enough for you anyway.


So Ladies beware of the man that thinks with his Johnson.   Not a good thing.