More Hello Spring

Something that I neglected to tell you about in my last posting……The guy who I told you likes to “sunbath in the nude”!!?!?!?!?!?  Well, there was one more thing that really turned me off of continuing a conversation with him.  He informed me that he had taken pictures……..

OK, was my response.  Then I added “Look, if you are intending to send me a DICK PICK, which seems to be all the rage now, don’t bother, I am not into that.”   OH NO, he responds.  He took a picture of his ASS.   Now ladies, let that just sit in you mind for a bit and let’s see if you can come up with the most ingenious way that he could do that!?!?   I mean really?   How can you actually take a picture of that part of your anatomy and on top of it…… WHY?   And again I ask a question to all of you —- who would be interested in seeing it when you haven’t even met the man in person and you have only texted him for 1/2 hour.   I don’t know, sometimes I think my momma raised me with too much morality, but then again, maybe not!

I also wanted to inform all of you to WATCH OUT for some of the sneaky and sometimes very obvious names (handles) that men use on line  You don’t use your real name, obviously.  Although I have seen some real mental giants do that…..and believe me they are not exactly Einsteins either.   I am not saying that these men are stupid, but they are a bubble off of being level.      A LOT of them love to incorporate their favorite sex act in their names.  i.e.   will69uifuwant,   lovestoeatpuss,  or gee my favorite so far is  godownonuallnite.    Hey, let’s all put our heads together and figure out what these guys are on this site for !!!!?????  Any guesses????  Come on, I know you can figure these out.    I really don’t think any of them are looking for a serious relationship, do you?

So, right now, I am actually talking and texting with a very nice,normal man.  YIKES, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.   About 75% of the “normal ones” turn out to be perverts or liers.   Sadly so.  BUT, I am still confident that there are normal men out there my age who actually want to have a relationship with a woman my age and hopefully become friends and lovers.   I will keep you informed.  But until the next time I am still

waiting for a miracle.


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