Happy April

Good Day Ladies:

Well — let’s see where I left off.   I think I told you about Rod the Italian Stallion who was really into big time SEXTING.  Well  — HE’S BACK.  Or at least he is trying to be back with me.   He keeps sending me little flirts and messages like— I’d really like to get to know you better!  Or—you really caught my eye!     REALLY????   I have not responded to him on these messages.  Then on Easter Sunday — I get a text, I look at the number and have to think about who I know from that area code, look it up on the net and low and behold — it is his area code.   I figure — well, I will open the message and see what he has to say this time.   WOW!  I should have just deleted it!  Let me just say that this was a picture of a woman’s upper torso completely unadorned except with bunny ears on her   hmmmmmm huge boobs and a message underneath saying HAPPY EASTER!    Now, I may be wrong, but I really don’t think any woman who is interested in men, would find that amusing or even interesting to look at.   Would you??   I personally thought — What the hell!!!!????   Once again, I deleted his message with no response.  Hopefully that is all I will hear from him.

Now, I am talking with several very decent men.  I know — look out.  Usually when I think they are normal something happens.   But so far so good .  I met one for supper last night, Kevin.  Very very nice man, good sense of humor, good background, has a legitimate job and seems very caring.  Actually, he didn’t even want to chat with me on line when he saw the distance between us.  But I, well, sort of pushed it.  I basically said, “Well, we can chat on this site and see what happens.”  And as we did, we realized that we got along very well.  He actually texts me every day — normal stuff, you know — Hope your day goes good.  Have a great time out.   Hope you have sweet dreams and talk to you tomorrow.   NORMAL!

I will post more later on.  Good Luck Ladies.


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